Who's Paying for the Magic Dragon Trail Initiative?

Who will pay for and build the Multi-surface trail system?

We envision the greenway and trail system being built as a public and private sector venture as most communities do.


The Community Foundation of the Lake is seeking monetary, land, and in-kind donations. We may request land use from local, state, or federal government entities. We are also vigorously applying for local, state, and federal grants as a large portion of the funding source.


Professional trail design companies will be used to design and build the greenways and trails. By using a company whose primary business is greenway and trail development, we guarantee our trails will meet or exceed current industry standards, so they draw numerous users from across the country as well as internationally. Using professional trail builders ensures trails are safely designed to meet the needs of all types of users and all skill levels of users.


A high-quality network of mountain bike trails is known to increase the economic prosperity of a region. A study of the Hayward/Cable Region of Wisconsin found a $7.8-million impact from the established network there in 2019. One-hundred eighteen year-round jobs were attributed to economic activity associated with these trails.
~ Rock Solid Trail Contracting

“Northwest Arkansas is a shining example of the positive impact cycling can have on a community,” said Steuart Walton. “We hope to inspire other towns and cities by sharing the lessons and impact we’ve observed, such as the importance of quality miles over quantity of miles, the proximity of trails to downtowns and advocating for female and youth cyclists.”
~ Steuart Walton, Walton Family Foundation